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Yield of saffron crop in Taybad has decreased by 40%

Simultaneously with the end of the saffron harvest season in Taybad,
21 tons of dried saffron were produced in this city,
which shows a 40% decrease in the yield of saffron compared to last year.

The director of Taybad Agricultural Jihad said:
the cold at the beginning of the harvest season of this product and the inappropriate
transaction of last year’s rains reduced the yield of this product in the current crop year in this city.

Mohammad Miri added:
This year, while the area under saffron cultivation in this city increased by 650 hectares to 6,850 hectares,
which has increased by seven percent compared to last year.

He stated:
6,200 hectares of this cultivated area are fertile and 650 hectares are infertile and for each hectare of saffron cultivation,
130 people worked from the planting to harvest stage.

Director of Taybad Agricultural Jihad continued:
The yield of dried saffron in Taybad fields this year reached more than 3 kg
per hectare and a total of more than 21 tons of dried saffron was harvested in this city.

Miri said:
Saffron cultivation has been very well received by farmers due to its low need for water and therefore providing
the required chemical fertilizers and micronutrients, promoting new irrigation methods, combating weeds
preventing livestock grazing on farms and providing guidance.
And technical recommendations are made every year to support saffron growers.

He added:
This year, a thousand tons of chemical fertilizers were distributed among saffron farmers in this city.

The director of Taybad Agricultural Jihad, stating that this product has 6,000 farmers in this city, said:
saffron harvest every year starts from the end of October and continues until
the end of November and at the same time with the harvest season of this product,
an official shopping market in this city Is launched.

Miri added:
in the last crop year, 15 tons and 500 kg of saffron were purchased to support Taibadi saffron growers.

He mentioned the lack of processing and packaging industries of this product as one
of the most important problems of Taibadi saffron growers and said:
Every year, due to the lack of processing industries,
saffron growers in the region are forced to sell their produce to brokers at a lower price.
Or send it to neighboring cities to clean or separate the flower heads, which will undoubtedly reduce the benefit of farmers.