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    FAQ :

    What is the method of payment?2019-07-16T22:36:42+04:30

    We accept wide range of payment methods like Paypal , Webmoney , Perfect Money , Western Union , Visa Card , Master Card and also we accept wire transfer in bank and SEPA for the Schengen Area.

    What Is The Saffron2019-07-15T21:51:12+04:30

    Please Check it Out this link What Is The Saffron

    What Is Main Activity Rowhani Saffron Co.2019-07-15T21:05:41+04:30

    Main activity of Rowhani Saffron Co. is produce and exporting Saffron products.

    Where Is the Head Office of Rowhani Saffron Co.2019-07-15T21:11:02+04:30

    Rowhani Saffron Founded in 2009 as limited liability company ( Padiz Tejarat Saderat Rowhani LTD) in Mashhad , Iran .

    Rowhani Saffron Export Goods To Which Countries?2019-07-15T21:13:29+04:30

    We have export saffron products to worldwide.

    Do You Have Wholesale Or Retail2019-07-15T21:56:44+04:30

    Our main activity is wholesale, And please for receive rates and more info click here.  Also we prepared

    An online store that includes retail to meet the needs of final consumers , for retail click here please.

    Wholesale Rates Has Difference With Retail Rates?2019-07-15T22:20:21+04:30

    Sure , Retail prepared for end consumers in low quantity and wholesale rates of saffron has difference with retail saffron.

    What Is The Minimum Quantity Order Saffron2019-07-15T22:02:02+04:30

    Minimum QTY is 1 kg .

    How long will the goods take to deliver?2019-07-15T22:08:06+04:30

    It takes between 5 and 8 Working days to loading on plane or delivery goods to UPS or EMS .

    What Is The Type Of Shipping System?2019-07-16T10:57:05+04:30

    Usually Air Cargo ( Airport to Airport )  , In some cases and some cities that do not have international airports it is possible to use the EMS , UPS or USPS .

    How many types of saffron are available for sale?2019-07-15T23:58:00+04:30

    We have a wide range of types of saffron for sale . From Poushali Negin ( Super Negin ) as best quality to Bunch Saffron and also Style saffron ( Withe Saffron ) , For see All types of Saffron Check it out this link .

    Do you sell small packing Saffron?2019-07-16T00:06:27+04:30

    Sure , We have Wide range of net weight saffron packing from 0.2 gr to 100 gr in kinds types of packing materials.

    Where is the origin of your Saffron products ?2019-07-16T00:10:00+04:30

    From South Khorasan Province of Iran . All products has Origin Certificate.

    How can i assure about quality of saffron?2019-07-16T00:25:31+04:30

    Our first priority is distribution highest quality products with latest process of testing quality in lab. Saffron in the Incoming warehouse before any process on it in our laboratory are checked for all chemical and physical cases like their moisture, Crocin , Safranal and… We are synchronous with the latest test cases and certificates required in Asia, Europe and the United States.

    All products controlled and has 259-1 and 259-2 Standard certificate , the acceptable in other countries that has ISO 3632 or FDA.

    What kind of Incoterms is your sales contract?2019-07-16T00:40:38+04:30

    We working on FOB , CIF , CIP and DDP for several countries like Russia, Schengen Area , USA , UAE  , Vietnam , Turkey.

    Do you sale Saffron Bulbs?2019-07-16T01:20:33+04:30

    No .

    Can i order from different saffron types?2019-07-16T10:59:18+04:30

    Sure , You can .

    Can i receive sample before main order?2019-07-16T16:34:55+04:30

    Sure , We can Send samples to 100 gr .

    Samples are free?2019-07-16T16:35:38+04:30

    Samples to 5 gr is free , But the cost of shipping must be paid.

    What documents will be sent with the product?2019-07-16T21:05:33+04:30
    • Invoice
    • Origin Certificate
    • Phytosanitary Certificate
    • Packing List
    • AWB
    • Test result products in lab (if requested)
    Should I come to the place of your company to buy?2019-07-16T21:12:40+04:30

    In addition to concluding a contract at our office, you can order by email.

    When is the expiration date of your products?2019-07-16T21:15:21+04:30

    The expiration date is two years.

    Do you have representation in another country?2019-07-16T21:27:12+04:30

    Actually we have not any official representation in another country , but we have some reseller in other countries like Russia , US , Turkey , UAE , Vietnam , Zurich and The Schengen Area.


    Can i come to your place and take goods with myself?2019-07-16T21:39:37+04:30

    Sure , You can take goods in our place.

    Do you have international shipping for your goods?2019-07-16T21:44:50+04:30

    Yes , We can send orders to your destination .

    How many days do you deliver the goods?2019-07-16T21:52:41+04:30

    From the date of the definite order, it takes between 5 and 8 working days for the preparation and customs formalities. Delivery at destination depends on the type of delivery system you choose.

    How many days is the delivery of goods with Air Cargo?2019-07-16T21:54:30+04:30

    Usually air cargo delivery is between 1 days to 4 days depend on destination airport.

    How many days is the delivery time of the goods using the postal service?2019-07-16T22:08:25+04:30

    Depending on the type of postal service and destination , like EMS to most of countries has 12-22 Days delivery , USPS 12-30 Days delivery. Also and express services like TNT is 5-9 Working Days.

    Who is the responsible for the customs procedure in Destination?2019-07-16T22:11:19+04:30

    Depends on incoterms method of your contract , Usually our contracts is CIF/CIP and clearance responsibility is on buyer , but we provide all necessary documents for clearance on goods. Also we have DDP method in several countries and we can deliver goods after customs .

    What kind of Incoterms method do you use in your contracts?2019-07-16T22:13:08+04:30

    Depends on your request , Usually is CIF/CIP , also we provide FOB and DDP for several countries like USA.

    What documents will be sent with the goods?2019-07-16T22:14:48+04:30
    • Invoice
    • Packing List
    • AWB
    • Phytosanitary Certificate
    • Certificate Of Origin
    • Test result of lab ( if requested )
    Other countries accept Iranian documents?2019-07-16T22:16:08+04:30

    All products has official certificates on WTO rules and other countries fully accept all documents issued from Iran customs.

    Who is responsible for carrying out the customs procedure in Iran?2019-07-16T22:19:37+04:30

    For CIF/CIP and DDP contracts carrying out the customs procedure in Iran with us. in FOB contracts carrying out the customs procedure in Iran on buyer.

    Who is responsible for damages, theft or loss of the goods?2019-07-16T22:21:20+04:30

    All CIF/CIP or DDP contracts has fully insurance for damages , theft or loss of the goods.

    Do you have shipping saffron to United States ?2019-07-16T22:28:49+04:30

    Absolutely yes , we have export to US as one of the main target markets. Check our interview with CNN News about US market and our products .

    Do you have shipping saffron to China?2019-07-16T22:33:06+04:30

    Absolutely yes , Although most of the products are shipped to Hong Kong, it’s not a prerequisite for sending to Mainland China and we have shipping to Mainland China too.


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