Style Of Saffron

negin saffron,poshal negin

This type of saffron that called Style saffron , White saffron , Konj saffron , Is the one of cheapest and low quality of other types of saffron as color power , Style of Saffron is classified in the category of red & yellow or yellow saffron and biggest difference Style Saffron with others types is has most of filaments is yellow part. According yellow filaments in this type of saffron, we should not expect crocin ( Reason of Color ) from style of saffron and this type has in the least Crocin and Picrocrocin in lab reports from others types of saffrons respectively these are reasons of the color and taste of the saffron.

Specifications :

  • Other Names : Style of Saffron , Konj Saffron , Khame Saffron , White Saffron
  • Type : Red & Yellow
  • Average length of filaments : 15 mm
  • In Accordance With : ISO 3632 , National standard 259-1 & 259-2
  • Packing Ability: From 0.2 gr to 500 gr
  • Phytosanitary certificate: Yes
  • Certificate of Origin: Yes
  • Self Life : 2 Years
negin saffron