Sargol Negin ( All Red )

Sargol Negin , Sargol Negin saffron

This type of saffron that called Sargol Negin or Negin or Negin B , Is one of the high quality of types of saffron In terms of the power of color , taste and aroma.Sargol Negin is classified in the category of all red saffron and biggest difference Sargol Negin with others types is longer filaments , thicker stigma except Poushali Negin , less powder and broken filaments Except Poushali Negin, If we want to make ranking with types of saffron. Sargol Negin is in second place after Poushali Negin , In terms of color and aroma.

Specifications :

  • Other Names : Negin , Sargol Negin , Negin B
  • Type : All Red
  • Average length of filaments : 17 mm
  • In Accordance With : ISO 3632 , National standard 259-1 & 259-2
  • Packing Ability: From 0.2 gr to 500 gr
  • Phytosanitary certificate: Yes
  • Certificate of Origin: Yes
  • Self Life : 2 Years
negin saffron