Rowhani Saffron Founded in 2009 as limited liability company ( Padiz Tejarat Saderat Rowhani LTD) in Mashhad , Iran . Rowhani Saffron is member of the Chamber of Commerce and registered in Iranian Industries and Mines that has exporting saffron to worldwide.

The company’s basic philosophy identifying and selling to reputable suppliers in the world for products that in many countries as A grade material are considered.

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Our mission is to provide the best quality and price in our products.We have 100% responsibility for the originality of the products and their quality, and we provide this guarantee to all our customers.In fact, the main activity is to exporting saffron that provide products to reputable distributors around the world.

Our vision is to make a source as wholesale and retail to consumers with easy and convenient delivery to the target markets of saffron.