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$ 610 million in saffron exchange for Khorasan Razavi

Reza Talebi President of the National Saffron said:
Last year, saffron earned $ 610 million for Khorasan Razavi.
Gholamreza Miri added:
This product has created employment for over 150000 families in Razavi and South Khorasan
because unfortunately, the authorities are listening to pay attention to saffron and saffron growers.
At present, about fifty countries buy Iranian saffron, but it is noteworthy that they at the beginning of the year for this They set a fixed price for the product and tend to buy saffron at the same price throughout the year, which is in conflict with the turbulent market of our country.
Miri continued:
This product finds its real price and benefits its producer when the broker’s hand
creates the conditions for the private sector to operate.
The government can help market participants with Iranian saffron by providing support such as providing working capital with single-digit facilities to organizations related to this product, such as some countries such as Spain, creating suitable markets and providing the necessary infrastructure.
Stabilize in world markets and sell at prices that benefit farmers.
At present, the country’s banking system has no connection with the global banking system and this issue has faced many problems in the saffron trade.
On the other hand, one of the main factors of the resistance economy is supporting farmers and creating jobs.
Saffron is one of the products in The water-scarce areas of the country that have created a lot of jobs.