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60% reduction in saffron sales in the domestic market in Iran

the National Saffron Board expressing that saffron has risen from 30,000 tomans to approximately 60,000 tomans said:
This issue has caused the sale of saffron in the domestic market to decrease by about 60 percent.
Gholamreza Miri stated:
The saffron showcase is as of now in a state of retreat and we are not in a great position in terms
of trades and residential consumption.
The Vice President of the National Saffron Council continued:
The issue of outside trade contracting has ended up more critical and considering
the government has set the base cost of saffron
at $ 1,450 but the buyer pays $ 700 to $ 1,000 sends out are troublesome Experienced.
Miri in response to the question of why the number of saffron exports have increased with these interpretations
He pointed out:
the current circumstance individuals are exporting
who as it were need to form cash out of the nation or intend to purport
 in its cash and they don’t care what merchandise they send out.
He pointed out:
It need to too be expressed that within the modern situation saffron may be exceptionally
reasonably priced for outside customers and thus the inclination to purchase it has expanded.
Referring to the increase in the area under saffron cultivation the Vice President of the National Saffron Council said:
it isn’t conceivable to claim the sum of the trim but I think that the amount of collect isn’t lower.