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Europe accepts the standards of Iranian saffron

With the supply of saffron in the commodity exchange, the Europeans accepted that the saffron supplied in Iran has a high standard basis of the rate by the Europeans was the exchange rate.

According to one of the activists with a history of the saffron market:
with the realization of the price of saffron and its conversion into the world rate, we are trying to set up an authorized warehouse in Belgium to transfer the approved saffron product to the country in the commodity exchange. This warehouse and with delivery, transactions in Europe in euros.

He added:
We plan to add this warehouse to the list of available warehouses by the end of the year and export saffron directly to Europe.
According to this old and experienced activist,
the price of saffron on the stock exchange has been in Europe
due to its high quality and compliance with the appropriate standards set by the stock exchange.

He continued:
In recent months in Spain, when trading on a commodity exchange, the criterion for transactions and prices is the same as commodity exchange prices and try to create a standard warehouse to deliver goods to European customers.

The saffron market activist added in the end:
these transactions have taken over the management of supply and demand in the stock market.
By educating and encouraging farmers to standardize saffron in the stock market
the quality of saffron has increased and become a standard for foreign and European markets
takes its standard indicators from the Iranian stock exchange.