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Beginning of saffron harvest from 17 hectares in Damghan city

The director of Damghan Agricultural Jihad said: the saffron harvest started from 17 hectares of lands under cultivation of this crop in the city and will continue until the end of December.

Seyed Mohsen Tabatabayan added:
The area under saffron cultivation in Damghan city is 17 hectares, of which 14 hectares have been fertile.

He specified:
the average harvest of saffron per hectare was four kg while in previous years less harvest was done.

Tabatabayan said:
The market for selling saffron produced in this city is local markets and eastern provinces.

He added:
This valuable product in terms of quality has excellent features and Damghan product is unique in terms of taste and color and has the desired quality in all areas of the city.

Tabatabayan stated: Due to the growing season (autumn and winter) and plant conditions,
saffron is a low-water crop which is why it can be cultivated in different areas of Damghan.

He said:
Considering the performance of this product and its job creation, saffron planting is one of the priority types of this management, which undoubtedly has the necessary support for the development of this valuable plant.

Tabatabayan pointed out:
Due to proper nutrition, weather conditions, rainfall, increasing knowledge of farmers, increasing the age of saffron orchards and increasing the density of plants, production capacity has increased.

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Damghan city said:
considering that the farmers were aware of the comparative advantage of saffron in terms of water consumption and annual income,
with better care of saffron farms,
we see the growth of this crop every year and without a doubt bank support and low interest

50 Damghan farmers are producing saffron on 17 hectares of agricultural land, and more than 60% of this crop is located in the south of Damghan.