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Saffron harvest began from the fields of Torbat-e-Jam city

The director of Tarbiat Jam Agricultural Jihad said:
the current cropping season, 5,100 hectares of the lands of this city are under saffron cultivation 85% of the produced saffron has so far.

Alireza Erfani stated:
This year, the area of ​​saffron cultivation in this city has decreased by 150 hectares compared to last year and reached 5,100 hectares.

Referring to the harvest of 22 tons of saffron last year, he added:
The harvest time of this product in Torbat Marmalade is from the beginning of November to the first of December.
In total, that 15 tons of saffron will be harvested from agricultural lands this year.

Erfani stated:
The saffron harvest in the current crop year is 300 to 400 kg per hectare.
So far, 85% of the projected has been harvested 40% less than last year.

He said: “Saffron cultivation has been welcome by farmers due to less need for water, and therefore the supply of chemical fertilizers and necessary micronutrients, the use of modern irrigation methods, weed control, livestock grazing on farms and providing instructions.

The director of Torbat-e-Jam agricultural jihad said:
for every hectare of saffron cultivation, 150 people work in this area daily from planting to harvesting. 98% of saffron produced is to neighboring cities.

65% of the population of Torbat-e-Jam city is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, of which 10,000 farmers are active in the agricultural sector, and 30 types of products and 25 types of garden products are produced annually in this city.