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Beginning of saffron harvest from 160 hectares in Khorramabad province

Murad Biranvand announced:
There are 132 hectares of saffron farms with a cultivation period of 2 years more in Khorramabad,
which this year, due to educational support,
facilities and advice of experts of agricultural jihad centers,
30 hectares have been added to this level of cultivation compared to last year.
According to the average year of planting such farms
(from one to seven years) in Khorramabad and the average harvest of saffron,
which is about three kg per hectare and is expected to produce
about half of the province’s production,
which is more than 550 kg in Khorramabad , Harvested, packaged and marketed.

He added:
More than 400 rural households operating in Khorramabad have been working in the field of saffron cultivation,
which are part of the harvesting, cleaning and processing operations as a family and in this regard,
more than a thousand skilled workers in saffron fields in the form of Women’s micro-cooperatives

Biranvand stated:
Harvest season In each hectare of saffron farm,
about 100 seasonal workers are working for 2 months in connection with harvesting,
cleaning, drying and packaging operations.

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Khorramabad city continued:
The management of conversion and food industries
of Jihad Keshavarzi organization has given home packaging to the vast majority of saffron growers
and the major saffron growers are branding and increasing the quality of their packaging.
We have been able to introduce the saffron of the province in the country and the world.
the Rural Cooperative Organization have also prepared the necessary instructions in this regard,
which will implement the guaranteed purchase of saffron products according to the need and necessity.