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The sharp decline in the price of saffron

Ali Saezani, a member of the National Saffron Council, said in a conversation with the reporter of the industry, trade and agriculture group of the young journalists’ club, pointing out that the price trend of saffron in the market is still decreasing, he said: “In the last two weeks, the rate of each kilogram of red gold is 200,000 turbs and In the last two months, 800 thousand tons have been dropped.

According to him, the minimum rate per kilogram of saffron is 4 million 400 and maximum 5 million and 300 thousand tons.

Referring to the reasons for lowering the rate of saffron in the market, Hosseini said the start of harvesting saffron from October 20th and increased supply by opportunists who have been dumping their products in their homes are the reason why the product is in the market.

A member of the Saffron National Council, referring to the latest export situation, said that although the customs refuse to provide statistics, the export process is normal.

He criticized the inadequate position of saffron in the export markets, saying that falling prices and improving quality in the unit area is important in competing with rivals because otherwise we will lose export markets despite rivals such as China and Afghanistan. Gave