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Saffron Documentation in Iran

Fatemeh Gholizadeh Atani, director of documentary “korkom”, said about this documentary that during the construction of this work it became known that Kermanshah’s saffron still has no brand and does not know it.
According to the report of the Mehr News Agency, Fatemeh Gholizadeh Atani, director of the documentary, “korkom”, whose work is shown in the form of a special package of Ammar festival titled “A Guide for Mr. President”, said Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and the interesting point. It is believed that this product is produced only in Khorasan, while it was first located near the Zagros Mountains and has been from Hamedan, Kermanshah, Boroujerd and Arak to Mashhad.

“korkom” means saffron, and this documentary speaks of a girl in Kermanshah named Chenour, which, contrary to the customs of Kermanshah, which men carry out agricultural work, have planted saffron on his father’s ground and created Productive work helps both the country’s economy and its own family income.

gholizadeh said: Most people in Kermanshah are agricultural jobs, but despite the recent lack of water, some have been forced to replace their previous crops with saffron, because its production does not require abundant water.

The documentary explained: “Our goal was to showcase a person who uses the smallest idea of ​​a new idea and produces work that helps both his own income and his country’s economy.”

He reminded that due to some prejudices, it was very difficult to do agricultural work for this woman, but he brought saffron from Mashhad to Kermanshah and was planting on his father’s land.

gholizadeh added: “While making a documentary, I realized that Kermanshah’s saffron is still not branded and does not know it, and the product went to Mashhad, and from there, they entered the market with their brand, which was very bad for me.

Referring to his problems in making this documentary, the documentary commented: “Everything has its own hardships, and in this work, for me, it’s difficult to go to the village and communicate, but in general I do not mind the difficulty of working and that The subject, I think, was a woman who alone did this with this high risk, I enjoyed it.

gholizadeh , whose work is featured in the Ammar Film’s Reserve Economics Reserve, said: “I do not know much about this festival, but it is very valuable when it comes to issues such as resistance economy, the look of other festivals is more non-indigenous.” .

The documentary continues, “The theme of resistance economy is creating hope and this is very worthy. In the same documentary,” korkom “makes hope when it comes to the production of a girl.

He stated: “I am very concerned about social issues, but our documentation has gone a long way, we are constantly criticizing ourselves and we are less likely to approve it.”

gholizadeh stated in the end: The documentary “korkom”, unlike many other documentaries, shows a promotional work that has come to a positive conclusion and I would like to point out that if we have a cash, we will be proud to say, along with those positive points We see ourselves too.

Chenour Mohammadi has been awarded the Independence Symphony by the 7th Ammar Film Festival as the documentary hero “korkom”.

source: jamejamonline /ir