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Iran’s saffron status after 40 years

Saffron father of Iran announced the increase in the cultivation of saffron in the last 40 years and said: The cultivated area of ​​Saffron province in 2010 was about 10 thousand hectares, today it has reached more than 80 thousand hectares.
Behzad Sadeghi, in an interview with the economic correspondent of Iran Student News Agency (ISNA), Khorasan region, said: “The reason for the increase in production of this product in recent years is the industrialization of Spain and its withdrawal from the market for saffron production in the world and said: the amount of saffron produced in 40 The last year has risen to over 250 tons from 18 tons per year.
He said that, for example, in the past year, 20 percent of saffron produced is not surplus, which is expected to increase if we increase the number of producers of this product by migrating the villagers from the area.
Sadeghi said 107,000 Khorasani exploiters spend their lives on saffron sales and should not be excluded from the exclusive production of this product from Khorasan, as 800,000 farmers in Khorasan live in saffron production and 200,000 in packaging and export of this product.
He described the climate of Khorasan as a drought and said: “The only product that has the value and ability to produce in the province and can afford the lives of people is saffron.
He said the production of saffron by other provinces was a danger to the country and stated: “This problem is facing Khorasan and other parts of the country, because the change of land use in the northern part of the country, which is enjoying good rain, damages the agricultural land.
Sadegh said the quality of saffron is dependent on the two factors of latitude and altitude, and added: “The higher the altitude from the surface of the garden, the better the color and aroma of the saffron, for example, the quality of saffron qaenat due to a height of 400 meters above sea level relative to Bajestan And Bardscan is better.

source: isna /ir