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Existence of 2,500 hectares of saffron cultivation area in Bardaskan

Alireza Mahmiz stated:
timely information through cyberspace, installation of banners and also informing the members of the Islamic Council and villagers,
has caused the hands of intermediaries and brokers to be cut off from unfair purchases.

stating that this city with 2,500 hectares of saffron cultivation area has a strategic position in the production of various products, noted:
Bardaskan saffron and pistachio are two products with a brand from this city.

He said that saffron growers should apply for a guaranteed sale of their product by referring
to the Rural Cooperative Organization to sell their product, adding:
So far, more than 150 kilograms of saffron have been sold to the Rural Cooperative Organization.

Referring to the lack of saffron processing industries in Bardaskan, Mahmiz reminded:
Also, investors in the saffron processing industry.
They can enter and enjoy the facilities and arrangements of this city.

Director of Bardaskan Agricultural Jihad, stating that saffron production is increasing,
the production and harvest of straw and flowers was about 3 kg in rural areas and 7.5 to 8 tons of saffron production in Bardaskan
There are also more than 4,000 farmers and saffron packing businesses in the city.

Bardaskan city in the southwest of Khorasan Razavi province with an area of 7126 square kilometers covers 6.1% of the area of Khorasan province.
The climate of Bardaskan is hot and dry due to being located in the desert strip of Iran and under the influence
of the desert which is located in the west of this region.
In terms of national divisions, Bardaskan city has 3 central parts, Anabed and Shahrabad and has 107 settlements.
According to the last census of 1390, the population of the city was 72626 people,
of which 34101 people are located in urban areas and 38525 people in rural areas.