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No guarantee of saffron

Deputy Minister of Jihad-Keshavarzi and chairman of the country’s rural cooperatives said that Saffron is not guaranteed to buy, said the guarantee purchase of saffron is not mentioned in the law and should be added to the list of guaranteed purchases to be focused on in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

According to Isna-Khorasan region, Hossein Safayi Delo’i, on the sidelines of the visit of the Minister of Health and Medical Education to the city of Gonabad, told journalists, about the regulation of the market, said: “Despite the fact that no spring fruits have yet been obtained, The country decided that the fruit market would continue.

Referring to the fact that for nearly 4 million households in the country, the market regulation plan was launched directly, he said: “During the last month, we supplied 4450 points to the country’s fruit market and we were able to withdraw this demand from the general market and to the extent We also have a lot to help balance the fruit market.

source: isna /ir