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Production of 1700 kg of saffron in Kermanshah province

The head of the Jihad Agricultural Organization of Kermanshah province said: 1700 kg of saffron was produced in the province this year.

Nourbakhsh Hatami announced the area under saffron cultivation in the province as 422 hectares and said: 120 hectares of this area has been added to the saffron levels in Kermanshah province this year and the main production of saffron in the province is related to the 302 hectares that we already had.

Hatami announced the average yield of saffron in the province as four kilograms per hectare and noted: This year, 1700 kilograms of saffron were produced in the province.

He went on to say that saffron has been planted in all cities of the province except Qasr Shirin and Sarpolzahab, and said: We have the highest level of saffron in the cities of Kermanshah, Dalahou and Harsin.

He then pointed to the adaptation of saffron to the climatic conditions of the province and said: Kermanshah has long been a place of saffron cultivation and today the saffron produced in Kermanshah is of high quality.

Referring to the five active saffron packaging units in the province, he added: Despite these capacities, the development of saffron cultivation is in the organization’s program and is a priority, so that next year the cultivation of this product will be seen at 100 hectares.