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Production forecast of 200 kg of saffron in Kermanshah valley

Hamidreza Jahangiri announced the area under saffron cultivation in this province as 80 hectares and added:
the average yield of saffron is four kilograms per hectare.

Horticulture director of Kermanshah Jihad Agricultural Organization regarding saffron cultivation development plans also said:
in case of serious support for the cultivation of this economic product.

Jahangiri pointed out that except for the tropical regions of the province,
such as Qasrshirin city and tropical parts of Sarpol-e-Zahab and Gilan-e-Gharb cities, the rest of the cities can cultivate saffron.

According to him, the highest area under saffron cultivation in Kermanshah province
is in the cities of province , Kangavar and Sahneh.

According to the horticulture director of province,
saffron harvest in  province started on November 4 and will continue for another 20 days, depending on the situation.

Kermanshah province with an area of about 24434 square kilometers is located in the middle of the western side of the country.
This province is limited to Kurdistan province from the north,
Lorestan and Ilam provinces from the south, Hamedan province from the east and Iraq from the west.