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Medicine – Kneeling a diabetic wound against saffron

The herbal use of saffron is not limited to the food industry but also the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, the country’s researchers tried to use saffron to treat diabetic wounds.
Alireza Ramandi, a biotechnology student at Torbat Heydariyeh University, one of the researchers in the project of ointment, dressing and adhesive for the treatment of diabetic wounds, said: Wounds caused by diabetes are not infectious wounds and cannot be repaired. Therefore, we produced three products using saffron.

With our research, we proved that it is a substance in saffron that can be effective for repairing diabetic wounds, and we produced three products from this product for the production of dressings, wound healing ointments and wound adhesives.

The researcher continued: The production of silver nanoparticles from saffron vigor, heals diabetic wounds. During experiments performed on diabetic mice, we concluded that diabetic wound healing is possible.
He went on to say that they intend to extract their research in the form of an article:
This dressing, which will be produced by processing saffron, is used for diabetic wounds, and we are sure that this project is worth commercializing.