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Medicine and health – saffron freshness potion

Every year, in the autumn of Torbat-e Heydariyeh, the color and smell of saffron changes and products with a dreamy flavor and many benefits are produced and marketed by the capable hands of women and men farmers.

Elahe Gerami pointed out: When picking saffron flowers, wearing a sun hat can prevent sunburn and skin cancers caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

He added: Farmers should avoid back pain and knee pain when collecting saffron by sitting and standing up occasionally and doing stretching exercises.

The expert in charge of health education and promotion of the Faculty of Medical Sciences emphasized: in order to produce a healthy product, it is recommended that you refrain from distributing unprepared manure at the same time as the first irrigation.

Do not collect the flowers in unsuitable containers and large bags, which will cause the flowers to become compact and contaminate the crop, he said. It is better to collect the flowers in clean cotton bags.

He added: Avoid contact of children with saffron flowers, because saffron pollen will cause allergies in children.

Regarding the benefits of saffron, the expert in charge of education and health promotion at the Faculty of Medical Sciences said: Saffron is also considered as a heart tonic and preventer of heart diseases and cancer due to its antioxidants.

He continued: Saffron not only does not have the side effects of artificial colors, but also has properties such as relieving depression – joy (freshness) for the body, and if you finally want to always be fresh (happy) and smiling; Eat saffron.