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3 times increase in saffron cultivation in Kermanshah province

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Kermanshah province said:
in the current crop year, with the support of Jihad Keshavarzi Organization,

Engineer Shahriar Ghasemi added:
Kermanshah province is one of the suitable climates in the country for saffron cultivation in terms of climate and considering
the continuous droughts and low water requirement of saffron onions,
the cultivation of this plant has developed in this city and farmers in the region cultivate saffron.

The director of Kermanshah Jihad-e-Agriculture stated:
By promoting and encouraging farmers and providing the necessary training by the horticultural experts
of this management and Jihad-e-Keshavarzi service centers, eight hectares were added to the previous level of saffron in Kermanshah this year.

Referring to the yield of 4.5 kg of saffron per hectare, Ghasemi said:
Saffron onions start flowering one year after planting and bear fruit for seven to 10 years,
and its onions are purchased from Khorasan Razavi and cultivated in Kermanshah.

He reminded:
in the first year of onion supply, planting and keeping this product costs gardeners 15 to 20 million tomans per hectare,
can harvest About 4.5 kilos of saffron per hectare have an annual income worth 28 million tomans.

‌The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Kermanshah province announced the time of saffron onion
cultivation in Kermanshah in late September and October and the time of harvest of this product is November.

He mentioned the preparation of five tons of saffron onions and delivery to applicants for cultivation in Kermanshah province for free,
including the support of the province’s Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization for saffron growers, and added:
To cultivate this valuable crop, the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization of Kermanshah Province
has paid 40 million Rials per hectare free of charge for preparing onions and part of the cultivation costs.