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Saffron liver anticancer

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According to a new study, saffron is very beneficial for liver health. According to the stamp world, saffron has health benefits that one of them, protecting the body from liver cancer. According to researchers at the University of Emirates, biomolecules, in this golden spice is useful for liver health. "Crocin" in Saffron can be a good [...]

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Saffron prevent price volatility branding

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Chairman of Saffron Mashhad Exporters Association said the lack of stability and volatility in the market price of saffron obstacle to the formation of a reputable brand for Iranian saffron. Gholam Reza Miri in an interview with Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) - Khorasan region, on how branding the products Saffron also said there are many [...]

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