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Beginning of harvesting 2,500 kg of saffron in the city of Natanz

The director of Natanz Agricultural Jihad said: the harvest of 2,500 kilograms of saffron from 332 hectares of farms in Natanz city began.

Saeed Zamani stated: The harvest of 2,500 kg of saffron from 332 hectares of Natanz agricultural farms has started and will continue until the end of December.

He stated that Natanz city has the first rank in saffron production and cultivation area in Isfahan province, adding: it is predicted that 2,500 kg of dry stigma will be harvested from this area this year.

The director of Natanz Agricultural Jihad also said about the amount of job creation at the time of saffron harvest in Natanz: during the harvest and cleaning of saffron and separation of stigmas, 16,000 people will be employed on a seasonal basis.

He specified: the need for water is very low, job creation of farmers in leisure time, better purchase price and easier cultivation of this product compared to other products, has increased the area under cultivation of this product in Natanz city.